Excursions in the Ogliastra region

The Ogliastra region is a sort of island within the island: sea and mountains stretching far into the distance, amazing sites and breathtaking panoramas.
In the area around Arbatax the landscape changes constantly. You can quickly go from white sandy beaches to rocky inlets and cliffs. You can visit the inland aboard the train Trenino Verde or hike along the mountain trails. You can discover traces of ancient civilizations, such as the menhir, the Nuraghes and the Domus de Janas or ruins of more recent centuries, such as the Spanish watchtowers. Furthermore, you can enjoy an amazing coastline, full of beaches and inlets where you can take boat tours, go diving and snorkeling, and practice water sports. The staff is always at your disposal to recommend places to visit, itineraries for quad, sailing or motor boat excursions, sports activities, and of course assist you throughout your stay.


If you decide to spend a holiday in the Ogliastra region, we highly recommend taking a boat tour along the 40 km of pristine coastline: cliffs that fall sheer into the sea, coves and beaches that are true crown jewels of the Mediterranean.
An itinerary surrounded by a pristine nature to discover beaches accessible via the sea or trekking trails: Cala Goloritzè, Cala dei Gabbiani, Cala Mariolu and many caves, such as Grotta del Fico, last realm of the Mediterranean Monk Seal, all the way to the beaches of Cala Sisine and Cala Luna, reaching the far Northern border of the Ogliastra region.


Sardinia is a true paradise for motorbike lovers thanks to its winding roads, dirt roads, and landscapes that remind of the sets of famous American movies.
The Ogliastra region, in particular, is one of the most interesting territories to travel by motorbike, a dream for those who love the two wheels. The most fascinating stretch is along road SS125, the famous Eastern Sardinian Road Orientale Sarda, between Tortolì and Dorgali, continuing onto the roads of the Barbagia region, Barbagia di Seulo, Sarrabus and Ogliastra, traveling from mountain landscapes with winding roads down to the coastal panoramas.


The Ogliastra region is a fantastic destination for trekking lovers. Stretching from the peaks of Mt. Gennargentu to the Tyrrhenian Sea, it is considered one of the most captivating areas of the island. “Selvaggio Blu” (Wild Blue) is one of Europe’s most beautiful and demanding trekking itineraries, an incredible and unique journey through coves, cliffs, caves, rivers and Mediterranean maquis; an amazing adventure among centuries old mountains, holm oak trees, majestic limestone arches, sea, old olive trees and breathtaking panoramas along old paths used by shepherds and Carbonari revolutionaries.
Spring and Fall are, without a doubt, the most fascinating seasons to embark on this amazing journey through the territory of the Ogliastra region.


These tours include visits to several natural monuments and archeological sites located in one of the wonderful high plains of this region. It is necessary to book these tours in advance in order to coordinate the itinerary and length of the tour, which can also be all day long. You can book tours in the neighboring towns of Osini, Gairo, Jerzu and Ulassai, famous for their attractions: the caves “Grotte Su Marmuri”, the rock formations known as the “Tacchi” and Perda Liana. The itinerary may be modified according to your needs, both in terms of length and stops. The vehicles used for the tours are 2-seater ATV/quads, perfect to really delve into the nature of the tour.


Trenino Verde is a tourist service offered by the Sardinian railway company Ferrovie della Sardegna. It gives you the opportunity to travel through and discover the most inner areas of the Ogliastra region.

You can travel across the heart of our island and visit the forests of the island’s most important mountain: the Gennargentu. If you want to enjoy a relaxing and serene trip, the Trenino Verde is the perfect solution: its moderate speed lets you fully enjoy the surrounding panorama and nature, and why not, use your imagination to relive fascinating old times.


The pristine coast of the Ogliastra region will give you the opportunity to dive in amazing waters. Granite sea beds, WWII relics, schools of fish: a perfect landscape for all diving enthusiasts.
There are excursions for everyone: from those who want to go snorkeling, swimming with fins and mask to discover the coastline, to more experienced divers, who can go on excursions with expert guides to discover volcanic sea beds and relics.